Hello everyone.This post if for information for anyone interested in the assan gear.I have had the V1 for nearly a year and decided to try the V2 as its duel channel(similar to dsm2)I have had nothing but success from my V1 gear and went on to buy the x8f(for futaba modular radios)and fitted it in my 9zap radio.using a spectrum analizer i can confirm it does transmitt on 2 channels,the first usually mid specrum the other towards channel 12.However i have mannaged to observe the second channel move(only after start up) closer to the mid channels but not during use,only when switching on again,off,then on..etc..
Also any old rx up to 8channel bought after feb 08 will bind to the V2 tx module along side the new 2channel(transmission not servo channels) rxs up to 8channel.I was totally confused about the compatability issue and so want to post this to clear it all up for you all. In short i now have models controlled by the V2 module with old and new rx in and all working together without any rebinding required.the reason for this upgrade is i am going to use the rx now in "proper"glo models with big engines rather than a season with foamies and want the extra security of the two channels like spectrum use.

Hope this all helps...fg