The popularity of Drones in the hobby world has also brought about a new aspect of flying, and that is being able to fly First Person View (FPV). Although flying FPV is not limited to just flying Drones, it can be applied to any RC vehicle such as cars, boats, tanks, planes, helicopters, and just about anything else that we have been controlling remotely over the years. Because of the popularity of this new aspect of the hobby RCU has set up a new forum just for the discussion of anything to do with FPV. The Forum is broken down into different specific areas to cover many different aspects and then there is a room labeled "FPV Talk" for members to just hang out in and discuss things that just don't fit anywhere else. This new forum is designed to give RCU members a place to learn about the rapidly growing area of FPV as well as share what they know with others here on RCU. So head on over and check out the new forum!!!

RCU Forum Manager