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Westerfield 07-17-2012 06:16 AM

Radio Control Hobbies & Raceway, Waterbury, CT
<div style="text-align: left;"></div>Radio Control Hobbies &amp; Raceway
1258 South Main Street
Waterbury, CT, 06706

1/10th Scale Indoor Electric Off-Road Racing!

Racing Wednesday nights and Saturdays with onsite fully stocked racing parts hobbyshop. From beginner to expert level racing fun!

Popular classes include
17.5 Short Course Truck
17.5 2wd buggy
2wd Modified Buggy
4wd Modified Buggy
4wd Short Course Truck

Summer hours:

Sunday - closed
Monday - closed
Tuesday - 5pm to 10pm
Wednesday - 5pm to end of racing
Thursday - 5pm to 10pm
Friday - closed
Saturday - closed

Fall, Winter, Spring hours:

Sunday - closed
Monday - 5pm to 10pm
Tuesday - 5pm to 10pm
Wednesday - 5pm to end of racing
Thursday - 5pm to 10pm
Friday - 5pm to 10pm
Saturday - 8am to end of racing

Mark Westerfield - Co-owner<div style="text-align: left;"></div>

Westerfield 07-17-2012 06:18 AM

RE: Radio Control Hobbies & Raceway, Waterbury, CT
Here is a link to our Youtube page for video's of some of our races...

http://www.youtube.com/user/RCHnR<br type="_moz" />

Westerfield 07-19-2012 09:39 AM

RE: Radio Control Hobbies & Raceway, Waterbury, CT
Starting next Wednesday, If 2wd mod buggy is the only class your signed up for, you can race 4wd mod buggy for free. (this is a trial program)<div></div><div>When the fall indoor season starts back up in September and we go back to our normal hours...</div><div></div><div>The Saturday race program will start at 10am</div><div></div><div>We also are going to offer...</div><div></div><div>17.5 stock 2wd buggy class</div><div>Modified 2wd Short Course truck</div><div></div><div>17.5 sct and buggy will be timing/boost ok (per ROAR rules and other tracks)</div><div></div><div>I kinda want to create an environment where the smaller quantity of faster racers can run in a mod class that always seems to have a more serious atmosphere and the higher quantity of average racers can run in 17.5 classes with less pressure of having to pull over or be in others way. Other than having actual time to race, that is the other reason the practice guys give me for not racing.</div>

Westerfield 09-05-2012 09:21 AM

RE: Radio Control Hobbies & Raceway, Waterbury, CT
September is upon us, RCHR is back to its Fall / Winter / Spring hours!<div></div><div>Wednesday night racing program starts at 7pm, Saturday race program starts at 10am.</div><div></div><div>17.5 Short course truck and 2wd Modified buggy being the popular classes, and I expect 17.5 2wd buggy class to get good too.</div>

Westerfield 10-22-2012 06:39 AM

RE: Radio Control Hobbies & Raceway, Waterbury, CT
Radio Control Hobbies &amp; Raceway in Waterbury, CT presents...<div></div><div>The 3rd annual Northeast Off-Road Grand Prix!</div><div></div><div>Connecticuts premier indoor electric off-road racing event.</div><div></div><div>Friday, November 9th - Open practice night</div><div>Saturday, November 10th race day!</div><div></div><div>Racing Classes:</div><div></div><div>17.5 2wd Buggy</div><div>17.5 Short Course Truck</div><div>Modified 2wd Buggy</div><div>Modified 4wd Buggy</div><div>Modified Stadium Truck
Modified 2wd Short Course Truck</div><div>Modified 4wd Short Course Truck</div><div>Sportsman</div><div></div><div>6 Minute Qualifiers, 8 Minute Mains</div><div>Top Three awards in all mains</div><div>Event T-shirt with entry</div><div>$35 first class, $20 each additional</div><div></div><div>Friday open practice, 5pm to 10pm</div><div>Saturday event, Doors open at 7am, racing starts at 10am.</div><div></div><div>Radio Control Hobbies &amp; Raceway</div><div>1258 South Main Street</div><div>Waterbury, CT. 06706</div><div>203-575-9757</div><div>rchr@att.net</div><div>www.rchr.biz</div>

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