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jcjrogers 06-14-2013 08:16 AM

Memphis - racing on ice rink
We want to look at doing some bashing on the ice at our ice rink in Memphis... something similar to the video below, but maybe with some ramps and such:


Personally, I have some experience with heils, and just bought a Redcat Caldera XB 10e to mess around with at home and on the ice.

We would have to run electric vehicles, only, as gas would be bad for the ice. We would likely run at night when the ice was pretty rough. We might also utilize our "snow" (shaved ice captured by the Zamboni), to create bumps and/or a couple of ramps. However, set-up/takedown of the track would have to go pretty quickly.

We're hoping we can find a couple of interested folks to help us determine if this is doable... a couple of folks with some experience, some electric vehicles (I figure 4 x 4 trucks/buggies, but am open to anything), and maybe some different styles of tires so we could determine how the vehicles would run with non-modified tires, though we are open to looking at modified tires. We would also need help with design and setup of the track.

If there are any locals interested in helping us with this, please reply or PM me.

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