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Spitting fuel out of air intake of carb and struggling to accelerate and pull off

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Default Spitting fuel out of air intake of carb and struggling to accelerate and pull off

Hi all. Just got a acme conquistador. Had problems getting it started but managed it today. But now it running it's spitting fuel out of the air intake and when trying to pull off it struggles to move and if it does pull off its very sluggish. Only seems like it's 1/4 throttling even at full throttle. Tried tuning it up but got nowhere. If it stalls aswell it is a right pain to get going again. It isn't the original engine on it(was changed before I bought it). It has a .12 pro engine in it. But the original was a .18. Don't know if that could be a problem. Hope you guys can help me get it sorted. Thanks
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I am far from a pro at nitro, but i'm having some success tuning them (e.g., my cars run decent at least). Do you have the engine manufacture's base tune settings? That is where i would start. Your symptoms sounds like something is too rich, but who knows how far out of whack the current tune could be, so best to start from a known entity (the base tune) - either that or wait for a more experienced guy to chime in!
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