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JohnP2 11-14-2012 06:55 PM

Race specs

A track with an incredibly cool on-road course (it used to be a go-kart course) opened by my house. This is my chance to get what I've wanted for a long time - an on-road car.

While I have three buggies and a MT (also getting a D8T truggy in a few weeks), on-road as always intrigued me. I've stayed away because I know without a race track it would get old quick. But, I've still had my eye on many on-road cars.

In talking with the track owner (it's new), the only on-road class they have now is GT series. I mentioned the NT1 2012, and he said "we won't shun you away from 1/10, but not many people are racing them." I then noted I'm considering an RX8, and he said "That;s too high class, I doubt you'll find anyone that will race you."


So....at this point looking for suggestions on a 1/8 GT car. I do have interest in the Kyosho GT2, I know the DM-1 is very popular too. There is a price difference, and wondering if there are tangible differenced between the two.

1. If I get GT2, which one is recommended?The "ready sets" come with either the KE25. The :"kit" comes withSIRIO S24Tengine and no servos.Price difference about 50 bucks. Unsure of other differences (but will compare the specs).
2, If I get the DM-1,should I opt forthe.rtr with 28 Force model, or get the roller and put something else in?

Or, should I just to hell with it and get the NT1 and hope I'm not "shunned away"? ;-)

How does part support compare?


Telvery 11-14-2012 10:43 PM

RE: Race specs
The DM1 is a great hack about car.  I have one as do many many others.  I have thrashed the heck out of it and besides smashed suspension parts from hitting concrete walls, it's been fantastic.<div>
</div><div>The DM1Spec seems to be what most peoplego for so you can use a better transmitter and servos etc, you can also eat a much better engine from someone like Clockwork racing in Canada.  </div><div>
</div><div>There are a fair few option parts available as well, plus a few CF pieces from guys like Max Velocity.</div><div>
</div><div>Jump onto the DM1 thread and have a look.</div>

HerrSavage 11-14-2012 11:06 PM

RE: Race specs
Go for it with GT.. Wish I could locally.. One great advantage is, you can run the same engines as in your truggy..

The DM-1 is a fun car.. The new Kyosho Race Spec IGT2 is meant to be much better than its predecessor.. I think most serious racers in GT are turning to the new Serpent GT car.. Team C also has a new GT car that looks good..

As with everything, depends on your budget, parts availability, level of commitment, etc..

There are a few guys out there with modded buggies.. If you're getting a D8T, a modded HB D8 would be sensible...

There are a few options.. DM-1, Kyosho, Serpent, Team C, buggy conversion, etc.. A good idea is probably to go to a race first, and see what other people are running, then lean that way..

jspeed 11-16-2012 01:30 AM

RE: Race specs

If you're in the Dallas area and are looking to get into GT car car racing, try to contact Juan Blaylock.
He goes by Jlock on a few forums and might be able to help you a lot.
If you want, send me a pm and I can get you his phone number, ok

Good luck! [8D]

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