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SNOWTANK 01-17-2012 05:54 AM

Doctor -Who RC Dalek Thay
Hi , I am new to this forum but I am on the RC Tank and Submarine Forum. I have a RC 12" DALEK THAY. I was repairing it for a friend who broke the Right TX control stick clean . I replaced the missing stick but the problem I am having with it is that it the left wheel will not activate when both sticks are pushed forward. Only the right wheel. The Dalek goes in cirlces forward. In Reverse with both sticks down , both wheels work and it goes straight in reverse. With the left stick up and the right stick down it does it's turns one way and vice versa when the sticks are positioned as left stick down and right stick up. I had the bottom of the Dalek removed to check the wiring. No loose wires , the board looks good. Do you think it may be something to do with the left stick not making contact inside the TX, or could it be the main circuit board has a bad circuit that controls left wheel forward motion control?

The company is called Character Options Ltd from the U.K.
Does anyone know if they have spare circuit boards or Transmitters for this Robot?

Any info will help. Thanks


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