Basically a gas boater so needing some help before I get in over my head.

I started a RG65 Laerke a few years ago as a winter build and got as far as the basic hull. It's been sitting in the workshop staring at me, challenging me to finish it since then.

I need to fix the innards before going further but don't really want to buy electronics for the build. Servos I have available are:

1. Graupner CS577, 4kg/cm, 56,6oz/in
2. Hitec HS5475, 4,4kg/cm, 61oz/in
3. Hitec HS5625, 7,9kg/cm, 109,7oz/in
4. Hitec HS705MG, 11,6kg,cm, 161oz/in (big servo doesn't seem to be enough space for it....)

All at 4,8V except CS577 at 6.0V. Any of these suitable for sail and/or rudder?

Next bit, where should I be placing these in the hull, close as possible to the mast or around the keel?

Last bit for now, where should the rudder stem be, 30%, 40% of rudder width or where?

Thanks for any help.