I've done a hull with that foam before and was happy with it but it was not very accurate in that I sanded both side of the hull and corrected by eye and touch to get a uniform shape on either side of the centreline.

This time I'm looking to do something different and as i have a little more time in my hand I wanted to try a different way to get my hull shape. Siri I've see your post re a 65 trimaran cut in sections. looks good but don't you get straight sections between the blocks which you need to sand down then to get a nice continuous deck line ? by doing so you'd loose some width of the hull right ?

I'm gonna try this on the BP5 float and see but wanted to have your views first since you've done this method already.

Ernst builds his with foam too but in a continuous block - I'm curious how you cut your foam ? you seem to draw your lines on the foam but then how do you cut accurately ?