Hello all,
Just wanted to give you a heads up. I just listed a vintage wooden sailboat kit on eBay this afternoon, the Dark Harbor 17 model kit by Laughing Whale of Bath, Maine. It's a 26" long boat, 6.5" wide. Comes with linen and nylon sails so you have the choice of rigging it for static display or R/C use. Also includes R/C set-up materials and R/C layout plan, but not servoes or radio gear.


I have an "identical" kit that I haven't listed yet, but will be shortly. Where the kit above is 100% original and unopened for the most part, this other kit was missing its original full-scale plans so I had to copy the other set to complete the second kit. The plans are crisp, clean, full-scale plans, but just not original (i.e. copies). I've checked and inventoried this second kit to make sure it contains the exact number and type of parts as my other, pristine kit and it does.

So, if you're interested in a very nice, plank-on-rib construction project of a classic racing sloop, this is it.