While constructing my 1:96 scale RC models of the USS Kearsarge, I kept running into pictures of the USRGS Bear AG-29, and noticed how similar the overall hull shape of this unique ship is to the hulls of the CSS Alabama/USS Kearsarge. As far as the hull goes, some modification appears necessary to fill the gunports and alter the stern, but otherwise very similar.

Of course, the deck and superstructures are entirely different matters and would have to be entirely replaced.

Because of the level of alteration that would be necessary and the rarity of the Kearsarge/Alabama kits, Iā€™m not willing to do this to an existing, complete, model, unless, of course Revell re-issues this awesome kit.

However, in my model train club, we have forums and sales specifically for incomplete and or unfinished models* and if I were able to find an unfinished or incomplete Kearsarge or Alabama, Iā€™d have no such qualms about altering it to create the Bear circa. WWII.

Do any such forums, or NJ area swap meets exist for 1:96 model boats?

* I used such a sale to obtain 5 incomplete (and poorly assembled) ACF hoppers from a defunct company known as Pacific Rail Shops and used them to create a 5-unit articulated hopper employed by the Santa Fe Railroad. PRS kits are very well made and actually rarer then Revell kits since PRS when out of business and any chance of a re-issue of their kits is very unlikely.