Hello All,
I've never posted on RC universe before and I've always found it good reading, but I'm new here and posting to let you all know that I'm going to try and have my first all scales fun run here at Hungry Mother State Pk. This is strictly for scale ships builders and modelers only. No race boats, electric or gas. There are to many people around in kayaks, canoes, paddle boats, and jon boats to have fast boats screaming around at blurring speeds. A lot of fishing people also.
It will be held at the boat ramp. If you have ever been here before then you know where it is. If not, Hungry Mother SP can be found easily on the internet and directions also. It is located of Marion, VA in the SW corner of VA on I-81 just north of Bristol about 40 miles and south of Wytheville, VA about 25 miles.
I'm planning on having this fun run on May 19th at around 10am and the park closes at 10pm so we maybe able to have a night run also.
I'll post pictures as soon as I can figure out how to post them. Any suggestions would be very helpful. I've posted to WMU before, once so, if the procedure is the same I may have no problems.
If the wind and rain cooperate it will be a great day.
Any questions contact me at boatboy93@yahoo.com.