Hi all,
just bought my second rc electric boat, an old Robbe Najade, NIB.
Have read about the single prop setup causing a list to the right and would like to go for a twin motor installation here, brushless, and counter-rotating.
Questions to all you experienced guys:
1. Do you know whether this has been done before?
2. What power should I go for (I am not after flat-out speed, just a decent speed) (power in watts, kv rating, prop size). I am going for straight shafts.
3. The kit has a central tunnel in the hull for the single prop. I want to build over this in abs plastic sheet to create the normal vee, and then cut two new tunnels, using pvc drain pipe glued into the hull. Robbe recommend only Stabilit Express as an adhesive - do you know whether this would be up to the job of modifying as described.
This is probably going to be a winter project. I've just quit flying RC planes so have a reasonable amount of building experience as well as using electric brushless setups.
Any assistance is appreciated.
Many thanks