I've been looking a lot online on mods done to the Atlantic Tugboat as I just bought one. Nowhere have I found anyone saying they changed the shaft from 3 to 4mm because of an issue with the shaft... only to allow for a standard size prop change. Is there any issues with the stock drive for this tug? If it is just a case of allowing for a prop swap, I'd find it far easier to mod the new prop with an insert to allow the 3mm thread. Any thoughts? I want to run a 35mm 4 blade but all it seems to be available in is 4mm. I have a hobby lathe, so drilling and inserting a plug in the prop would not be an issue for me.Of course, if there is a shaft issue anyway then I will scrap stock and upgrade. The problem is, I live in Winnipeg and it will be 4-5 months before the ponds become liquid again and winter is my building/modding/fabricating time.

Any advice is much appreciated!