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cconeill 11-15-2008 10:30 PM

g-5 russian torpedo boat
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hi guy's
here are some pic's of my 6ft ww2 russian torpedo boat g-5. i am two years into the build and sick of rivets. but it is worth all the effort. she is a beaut!! my freinds in poland made the hardware. gun goes up and down, search light works shutters and all. looking forward to running this boat this summer. it will be a looker. i also have a 10th scale bronekater in the works to go with it. all the best craig

Umi_Ryuzuki 11-16-2008 01:42 AM

RE: g-5 russian torpedo boat
Very Well done...


I am going to have to send a link to Tachi... He wants to build one in 1/72nd scale...

herrmill 11-16-2008 02:37 AM

RE: g-5 russian torpedo boat
Very nice, Craig! The G5 is an interesting subject & its good to see one being built in the States, especially one this size. :D There is another G5 build ongoing over at ModelBoatMayhem as well that I've been following.

I can't get into any details at this point but can say that a well-respected manufacturer is currently developing RC kits for both the G5 Tupolev & Bronkater BK1125, the later from Steve Neill's masters in addition to several other noteworthy subjects. 2009 should be an exciting year for the model boat enthusiast.


Rich404 11-18-2008 11:02 AM

RE: g-5 russian torpedo boat

Wow, what a great looking boat!!!

Keep us posted on your progress!


Scaleyard 12-15-2008 03:11 PM

RE: g-5 russian torpedo boat
Hi Craig,
looks superbly.... scale 1/10 makes her a real beast on the water. I`m doing the same scale 1/20 at the moment. The trouble is, that I can`t care too much as I have to many jobs parallel on the workbench and it`s bloody cold outside at the moment.

Which engine do you want to use to power her?


foodstick 12-15-2008 05:56 PM

RE: g-5 russian torpedo boat
What a unique machine, I can't say I have ever even heard of one before. You are definately deep into the detailing of it, be watching for wet pics!

cconeill 02-20-2009 10:20 AM

RE: g-5 russian torpedo boat
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Hi Guy's
the g-5 is back on the workbench and will stay there until done. my e-boat is at the glassing stage, I will have to wait for warmer weather. I will keep you posted on my progress. all the best craig

Scaleyard 02-21-2009 02:41 PM

RE: g-5 russian torpedo boat
Hi Craig,
well... that`s impressive! What I`m not sure either is, as they have used rivets? I thought that they had been welded...
Brilliant job anyway. Can`t get on with mine as it is lousy cold in the workshop, still hanging on that (word not allowed) cold winter.


cheesewizz69 02-21-2009 07:13 PM

RE: g-5 russian torpedo boat
Now I know why we havent seen a update on the 72 inch LCAT.

Very nice work. I dont think I would have the patience for all those rivets.

cconeill 02-21-2009 10:51 PM

RE: g-5 russian torpedo boat
yes I am getting sick of rivets. lcat will get glass as soon as it warms up enough. I should have wet pic's on the g-5 around the end of march? craig

dutch puffin 02-25-2009 04:26 PM

RE: g-5 russian torpedo boat
a message from a dutch guy, found this thread by a very long search. For my next project I want to build the G5 torpedo boat, so far I could not find any plans what s ever. I have just a russian booklet with photo's and drawings, but no plans.

Can somebody hear help finding the plans...?

Currently I work on th German S100 1/35 torpedo schnellboot from Italeri

look at the dutch forum at:


Or for pictures of the build at my personal photo site


You find it in hobby projects



cconeill 03-05-2009 06:39 PM

RE: g-5 russian torpedo boat
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Hi Guy's
warm weather is back. now I can get things moving agian. shot the hull with some primer. the g-5 is a looker:D will post more later. craig

herrmill 03-05-2009 07:22 PM

RE: g-5 russian torpedo boat
Try Taubman / Loyalhanna in the US. Loyalhanna is going to release a G5 kit in 1/20 sometime this year if you don't want to scratch build.

cconeill 03-05-2009 07:40 PM

RE: g-5 russian torpedo boat
how much? a little g-5 would be cool. :D

herrmill 03-05-2009 08:10 PM

RE: g-5 russian torpedo boat
No idea at this point but it will be out along with a 1/20 Bronkater & some new 1/100 IJN & USN subjects. :D

dutch puffin 03-08-2009 08:34 PM

RE: g-5 russian torpedo boat
Here the dutch guy,

Did some rechearch on the G5 and I found conflicting info. It looks like the boats are from wood till the waterline, and metal above.
The puzzle is that most of the metal is welded plates, not rivited, only major ornaments such as the drive house. Most models and drawings are with rivits, but the photo's I found show no rivits. Whats up...any ideas??



cconeill 03-12-2009 04:06 PM

RE: g-5 russian torpedo boat
hi maarten
you need to talk to uri. he has close up pictures of this boat. the hull is metal with lots of rivets. would like to see the picture in question. could be a mockup. I did my homework. all the best craig

escipion 03-12-2009 04:25 PM

RE: g-5 russian torpedo boat
Wooow [X(] Really a nice work, I've never seen a boat like this, congratulations :D


Tachikaze 04-27-2009 04:21 PM

RE: g-5 russian torpedo boat
I am currently working on the G-5 in 1/72nd scale. Working up the hull at this stage for vacume forming to make an R/C version.

cconeill 04-27-2009 06:55 PM

RE: g-5 russian torpedo boat
Hello tachikaze do you have pictures would luv to see it. 72nd scale it is small. what did you use for rivets? please post some pic's. all the best craig

Tachikaze 04-28-2009 01:07 PM

RE: g-5 russian torpedo boat
At this point I am still trying to get the frames cut out. Our planes did not reduce well.
My original plan was for an R/C 1/72nd scale made from styrene. But, since I am doing that, might as well do a resin kit also. 海せんせい will be helpful in getting that done. I will be doing both projects together. I am not sure what I will use for the rivets, I will consult with 海せんせい about that, perhaps cut and finished styrene rods.

herrmill 04-28-2009 05:45 PM

RE: g-5 russian torpedo boat
For rivets, you might consider [link=http://www.archertransfers.com]Archers Transfers[/link]. They offer a variety of surface detail sheets in 1/35, HO & N scale which might work. They're in demand now with the Italeri S-100 builders who want more accurate detail than the kit offers.

Tachikaze 04-29-2009 11:31 AM

RE: g-5 russian torpedo boat
Good suggestion, thanks:)

Tachikaze 05-29-2009 03:30 PM

RE: g-5 russian torpedo boat
Have you tried those rivet thingies? Do they peel off and stick on and then you detail over them?

Caduman 07-30-2010 11:25 PM

RE: g-5 russian torpedo boat

Killer job mate! Keep it coming...

Cadu Souza

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