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mustclime 09-11-2012 05:25 AM

Ludwig/ Heng Long king tiger E-100 build
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I noticed a year ago that the RC IR battlers were wondering what to do if someone came out with a E-100 or Maus. The things had 6-8 inch front armor, 5-6 inch side armor.....How any Hits to kill somethng like that? Well the release of the E-100 and Maus never happened....So I decided to look into putting one of them togather just for the heck of it.....and along came Ludwig....</p>


And that made me start to look into it more, then he had this thread....</p>


And he was posting pics of scale thinkness armor! I sugested he look into making one that used Heng Long suspension to make the build easier....he said OK and I said sold.....this will be HACKS atempt at building an E-100.....</p>

First issue in any tank build is tracks, wheels and suspension. You figure out these and the rest is easy. Since the E-100 is using a king tiger for a base, how are they different in size in these items?</p>

Item....................king tiger..................E100
tracks..................800mm..................... 1000mm
road wheels............800mm.....................900mmt his was the Adler built prototype, not the Krupp drawings
number of road wheels..18........................16</p>

### Hack tip.....use mm to convert to scale.....just take the item you want to convert and devide by 16.....1000mm track = 62.5mm in scale, 800mm track = 50mm in scale.......I used to do this in inches....like I said, I am a hack.</p>

First Issue, the tracks...the hl king tiger has 50mm wide tracks, the E-100 should have 62.5mm tracks.....I understand that some compeny is comming out with some 1/16 scale e-100 tracks but the cost is going to be around 1200 euros, I spend that much on a set of tracks, I need a part time job to cover the cost...so lets see If I can make some..... here is a pic of the tracks</p>

Attachment 2235976</p>

Here are the track on the tank in the UK for testing....</p>

Attachment 2235977</p>

Here is a pic of some 1:35 scale track made for the E-100</p>

Attachment 2235978</p>

IMO, the E100 tracks look like king tiger tracks that have been centered and has duck bills added....here are some matero and heng long tracks, note that they are open pin also note the hl tracks on the bottom have the teeth holes a little closer togather and the non holed links have more closed sections than the matero's...</p>

Attachment 2235979</p>

Now to make them wider....cut them at the outer teeth holes and add the extra peaces for width and you get 60mm wide tracks</p>

Attachment 2235980</p>

and glue with some PVC solvent/glue and cut off some teeth from the other track peaces and you have 63mm wide tracks</p>

Attachment 2235981</p>

now to see If I can find 6 sets of hl king tiger tracks....</p>

mustclime 09-11-2012 05:40 AM

RE: Ludwig/ Heng Long king tiger E-100 build

While I look for tracks, lets start the wheels....I need 900mm wheels insted of the hl kingtigers 800mm wheels.....that means I need to comvert 50mm wheels to 56.25mm......So I went to Lowes and found some 2 inch id pvc coulpers got out the miter box and cut 32 rings.....</p>




here is a comparo with some hub caps I am messing with.....</p>



I have to think about the hubcaps, not shure I want to spend the time to place 49 bolts into each wheel mmmmmm.....</p>

mustclime 09-11-2012 06:20 AM

RE: Ludwig/ Heng Long king tiger E-100 build

Well, I ordered a E100 from Chris had here is the one he sent me.....</p>


So I strated to throw on the HL suspension and I noticed that Chris kept the axil locations on both sides and had the swing arm guides forward of the axil holes on both sides....this is not how HL does it, the little tabs on the back of the swing arms are not centered, they are to one side....</p>



Well, what a hack to do? Guess I have to cut off the tabs and drill the loaders side swing arms and put in some screws to act as the new tabs....</p>



and she is a roller......</p>


Now I started messing the center caps to try to get that "big" look....</p>


This is kinda the goal....</p>



here is a lol shot for an idea of size....thats a hl kt on the e100 hull.........</p>


thats it for now....still need hl tracks......</p>

Panther F 09-11-2012 06:57 AM

RE: Ludwig/ Heng Long king tiger E-100 build

Nice to see something unique and model oriented for a change.

~ Jeff

MAUS45 09-11-2012 08:30 AM

RE: Ludwig/ Heng Long king tiger E-100 build
How much did it cost shipped to you and how long did it take to get here? Also did you get just the lower hull? Very cool build. It looks like Chris makes one for HL parts and one for Tamiya?

mustclime 09-11-2012 09:15 AM

RE: Ludwig/ Heng Long king tiger E-100 build
I paid 33 euros shipping and it took 2 weeks

I got the first off so I got a price I am not sure chris wants put out there...so emailhim and ask. I got the whole hull and the krupp turret( the maus turret without the curvedfront) . He can get you themaus turretand he is working onthe trumpiter version of the turret. My tank can be set up with the tamiya suspension or you can buy a hull with the HLsuspension guideslots not done. If you were going to try to make a verson using the coil springs, thewheels and tracks will have to be moved away from the hull to make room( this is why the real tracks are centered). This set would need somereally long shafts on thetrans or somecustom drive cogs.....these are the reasons I am making this beast with hl parts.

Panther F 09-11-2012 09:39 AM

RE: Ludwig/ Heng Long king tiger E-100 build
We're not going to hold you or Chris to any price, we're just curious as to how much money the project cost. That's all.

So what... $200? $300? It don't matter, I just like to attaching a dollar sign to things. I know some things like the Churchill Bridgelayer are priceless and are what you put in it, but an idea of what something like this costing a fella would give US an idea if we want to pursue it, that's pretty much the idea.

If you want to PM me with it, I will not repeat it publicly.

~ Jeff

mustclime 09-11-2012 10:12 AM

RE: Ludwig/ Heng Long king tiger E-100 build
For a hull and turret, 300-360 euros for the scale thinkness plastic would be my guess.....a guess, please don't quote me....I know it a lot but when you look at what you get its a heck of a deal......I was so happy to start messing with the tank,I did nottake and pics when It came out of the box, but whe you look at his pics, you see what you are getting.......



Both rearand forward decks are predrilled for all the bolts, you get all the hatches.....Like I have said, I just hope I will be able todo the kit justace...

MAUS45 09-11-2012 01:57 PM

RE: Ludwig/ Heng Long king tiger E-100 build
So is Chris making wheel sets for it? I like what you are doing with your Tiger II wheels and if I did one I would probably go that route. Thanks for the ball park price. Like Panther F said, I will not hold you or Chris to the pricing, just wanted to know what a project like this would possibly cost. I really like the Trumpiter version turret!!! To me it looks like your E-75 turret. My next choice would be the Maus turret without the rounded front.

mustclime 09-12-2012 04:36 AM

RE: Ludwig/ Heng Long king tiger E-100 build
From what i have read in panzertracts, the maus turret was going to weigh 45 tons, that was more than they wanted. ....the Maus 2 turret also known as the Kurpp turret that I am going to use was supose toweigh 35 tones, it had 8 inch thick armor on the front, 6 inch armor on the rear and over 3 incharmor on the sides. When you think about it, the maus 1 turret was like sticking a kv1 on top of the tank while the maus 2 turret was lke having a t34/85 on top of the tank. Thats how big these tanks were.

As far as the wheels, not sure what chris is doing with those, , he told a member on another forum that a set of the wheels might be bought for 800 euros but I do not know the (real )price.....I asked chris what the real price on the hull and turret is and he told me to tell everyone that it will come up on his wed sight in "a little while".....hetalked anothercompeny into making the correct tracks for 1200 euros.....At some point I think you might be able to buy everything you need to make a correct E-100 from him but the price is going to be pretty high. I am looking to make one on the cheep or as cheep as something like this can cost....

MAUS45 09-12-2012 07:44 AM

RE: Ludwig/ Heng Long king tiger E-100 build
1200 euros for the tracks? Wow!!! That is $1548 dollars US. that is at least 2 Tamiya Full Option kits. I think I would have to go with Tiger II tracks and wheels.
I would almost be able to buy a 1/8 scale Tiger II from R/C Armory at $1875, which is a kit, but comes with metal tracks as well. I understand that this is a unique offering, but it seems the track vender is trying to make there cost back on the tracks as quickly as they can? Beautiful tracks though. Saw them on your other post.

mustclime 09-12-2012 04:48 PM

RE: Ludwig/ Heng Long king tiger E-100 build
Ok, I did this thread wrong.....my bad.....here is what you get From chris.....lower hull



front plate and upper hull



all of the plates in the rear deck...


front hull ..


and the turret........





and another shot for scale....with a big bad tiger 1 turret....


I will see If I can do better with the rest of the thread.....let me know what you think guys

MAUS45 09-12-2012 05:19 PM

RE: Ludwig/ Heng Long king tiger E-100 build
Any hardware come with it or just the plastic?

Panther G 09-12-2012 05:49 PM

RE: Ludwig/ Heng Long king tiger E-100 build
Now were starting to get somewhere with these big suckers. Nice start Scot

Buckeye36 09-12-2012 06:15 PM

RE: Ludwig/ Heng Long king tiger E-100 build
Scott, what gearboxes are you planning on using?

mustclime 09-12-2012 08:20 PM

RE: Ludwig/ Heng Long king tiger E-100 build
The mato 3:1to 1I have in the king tiger with the 400 motors phil sells.

mustclime 09-12-2012 08:22 PM

RE: Ludwig/ Heng Long king tiger E-100 build
No hardwear...but I have a bunch of 1mm fake bolts I bought from scale hardwear.....I also have the front hatches...........

Rex Ross 09-13-2012 05:29 AM

RE: Ludwig/ Heng Long king tiger E-100 build
Good Golly! That beast is big enough to be a 1:1 scale skateboard........and strong enough too. [X(]

204sailor 09-13-2012 10:04 PM

RE: Ludwig/ Heng Long king tiger E-100 build
Scott, looks like you are heading in the right direction with this super build project.Smart idea of yours on adapting the swingarms to Chris`s lowerhull.
Modifying the wheel diameter by using pvc rings also a neat trick.Keep thoseideas flowing and you`ll have a greattank when you are finished.

Panther F 09-14-2012 02:53 AM

RE: Ludwig/ Heng Long king tiger E-100 build
I am jealous! :D

Keep feedin' us with the pics man... this is going to be an epic build on here, for a change. [8D]

~ Jeff

mustclime 09-17-2012 12:53 PM

RE: Ludwig/ Heng Long king tiger E-100 build

Ok...something simple.....the rear plate....</p>





and those suport tabs removed.....you king tiger guys should do this also....</p>


And with one of the armored tail pipes cups cleaned off and one drilled for the manuel motor crank holder...the rivets are for the lifting lugs....</p>


thats all for today.....</p>

WLY22 09-17-2012 01:06 PM

RE: Ludwig/ Heng Long king tiger E-100 build
So cool ! what a great project !!!

1sgt 09-18-2012 01:29 AM

RE: Ludwig/ Heng Long king tiger E-100 build
A ;little off topic, but are you using a HL Porsche KT as a doner? If so, How did you do the Zim on the HL KT?? Mine came smooth, so if I want zim, I'll have to ass it myself. I'm thinking of the zim kit offered by ETO Armor.


tomhugill 09-18-2012 01:48 AM

RE: Ludwig/ Heng Long king tiger E-100 build
I have a HL/Tamiya hybrid king tiger, mine came smooth so I had to add the zim by hand with miliput, time consuming but a decent finish.

mustclime 09-19-2012 07:58 AM

RE: Ludwig/ Heng Long king tiger E-100 build
Yes to the hl kt....I used the green putty and a broken up metal cutting hacksaw blade...just make sure you have the points up on the blade and it comes out great

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