Still trying to get this H9 P-51 sorted out. I did a pretty hack job of drilling out the backplate to this DB P-51 Spinner (even though I used a drill-press) and my attempt to mitigate it by using a small strip of tape to build up the shaft didn't go so well. I got on Dave Brown's site to see if I could buy just the spinner, and I sent an email. I got a reply back in just a few minutes and was informed that I could, indeed, just get the backplate. For another $5, they'd drill it for whatever engine you specify. It was pretty cool to get a response back from Dave himself, and he said that if I paid the order before the hour, they'd probably be able to get it out that day. I did, they did and I have the part in-hand in 3 days from order.

THAT is great service from a guy/company that's been a cornerstone of this hobby for a long time.