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Bruiser-RCU 12-14-2001 09:46 AM

Camo Schemes
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I feel your pain buddy. I did this scratch built airplane up in a camo scheme simular to the type used on prototype British fighters during WWII. I used tracing paper to get the out line and talk about time consuming! I did put roundels on it, whe they eventually came in. BTW, this is what I fly at fun flies. Couldn't compete with a scale airplane so I went with a scale type theme!

Chad, thanks for the complement on the Great Planes 'Stang. I don't recognize the Mustang you are working on. What is it?

Chad Veich 12-15-2001 04:51 AM

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Bruiser, the 'stang is from Dave Platt plans and parts. Span is 81 inches. Here's a pic of the beginnings of a D model from the same plans. Actually, if all goes well, this one will be a dual control TF-51D with the elongated canopy. Regards, Chad.

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