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Merlin Man 04-29-2005 06:18 AM

New Platt P51 First Photos

Hi All,

I have 98% finished my 1/5.5 P51 and hope to post more pictures when I work out how to upload (? ) I have some more stuff to do including a Static 4 blade prop, an on board glow and a final clear coat .

Merlin Man.

Merlin Man 04-29-2005 06:27 AM

RE: New Platt P51 First Photos

Try again.......

Merlin Man 04-29-2005 06:35 AM

RE: New Platt P51 First Photos
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And again

Merlin Man 04-29-2005 06:52 AM

RE: New Platt P51 First Photos
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One more .....Power is 1.8 Moki , it has sequenced Gear Doors and weighs 22lbs. I hope to finish the 4 bladed 'static' prop soon and then some preflight testing before the maiden ...... ( some valium sandwiches please ! )

Connery 04-29-2005 07:30 AM

RE: New Platt P51 First Photos
Very nice! Good luck with the maiden. I too am planning to build a Platt Mustang, but I'll be building mine as either an A-36 or P-51A. I have yet to see either of those as a scale model.

Katchmarek 04-29-2005 08:52 AM

RE: New Platt P51 First Photos
Merlin Man, Sweet! I've always thought that Dave Platts 'Stang was the best available...you did a real nice job on her. Best of luck with the maiden! Post some in flight pics for us!

Fragmentum 04-29-2005 10:50 AM

RE: New Platt P51 First Photos
Merlin Man,
As a recent convert to the 'Dave Platt way', it is great seeing your plane here! Good luck with it, man!

Nice build job!

How long did it take?
What hardware did you use?
Did you encounter any difficulties?
What was the hardest part in building this plane?

What radio and servos do you use?

Do you have any more pictures you can post, please?

What is the 'hickey' or patch on the left aileron??

Don Smith
'see us on the web'
Flying Electrons

rcavi8ter 04-29-2005 12:50 PM

RE: New Platt P51 First Photos
Sweet looking Bird. I will see the owner of the real Worry Bird (Mike George) I will direct him to these pics. Looks much better than my H9 recovered to his scheme. I can get some good pics of the real one if you would like.

Merlin Man 04-29-2005 06:20 PM

RE: New Platt P51 First Photos

Thanks for the positive comments.

This model has taken 3.5 yrs of stop/start type work. I was going to wait until I had completed the 4 bladed prop before I posted any pictures but impatience got the best of me and and the few photos I have at this stage are of the Stang with ailerons not properly attached, with a nasty *&^% hanger rash wound on the port aileron in the process of being repaired and without the 4 blader of course.

No one building sequence comes to mind as being the hardest......there were lots ! The vac forming of the gear doors took a while, then the actual hinging and sequencing of the main legs with the door was tricky. Dave used a mechanical device shown on the plans but I opted for aan electronic sequencing 'box' and a separate servo. I scratch builtthe retracting, steerable tail wheel from enlarged Brian Taylor Plans. I replaced most of the resin cockpit kit with plastic vac formed over the resin pieces....these were heavy. I only used the pilots head, hands and boots and made up the rest from dressed foam and wire.

It is glassed in .8 oz. cloth, Z Poxy, and painted with acrylic automotive paint. An acrylic clear coat remains to be done on the fuse/tail/ ailerons and flaps.

There are 11 servos ( 3for gear and 1 for tank realease + the normal others ) mixture of metal geared hi-Tec and J.R. I use an 8 channel J.R. Apex Z computer Radio.

I will include a couple of photos now but am really looking fordward to a session with the 4 prop and better cockpit close-ups and better light.

Thanks for the interest. I am happy to share any info about this model so if there are other questions, let me know!

Countryboy 04-29-2005 06:43 PM

RE: New Platt P51 First Photos
Merlin Man,

You take one great designer/builder "IE; Dave Platt", and couple with another great builder, "insert your name here"... and you come up with one fantastic looking Mustang. If I wore a hat, it would be tipped your way... Great Job!!!

Merlin Man 04-29-2005 06:43 PM

RE: New Platt P51 First Photos
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A couple more, but note the not yet attached s'board aileron coming loose and the not finished hanger rash damage on the other one !!

Tempest-RCU 04-29-2005 07:07 PM

RE: New Platt P51 First Photos
Beautiful job! What brand retracts are you using? What kind of muffler are you using and did you have to make any modifications to the design? (I believe on Dave's plans he originally had a tuned pipe exiting out the rear.)



Merlin Man 04-29-2005 08:10 PM

RE: New Platt P51 First Photos


The retracts are an Australian Product called Custom Retracts. They are an all air system and, although probably biased, I think are the best built retracts available ( .....there, that should get me some points with Peter, the guy who makes them ) Mind you, there are many retracts that I haven't seen.....just the usual Robart, Spring airs etc. I did move the retract location forward (from the plans )to the scale position in the wing. This requires a low profile retract unit that Peter manufactures for this type of location. ( Many others do too, I think )

The muffler is a home grown, aluminium, biggest capacity device that I could fit in the space between firewall, tank floor and F2 . I have run the Moki considerably on a bench with the muffler and am happy that it is reasonably quiet and efficient ( not as a tuned pipe however ! )

I didn't use the fuselage pipe idea as I felt it complicated things and imposed on cockpit and servo placements. I am sure it would work fine .....just not my idea.

This is my first 'large 'scale wardbird but thankfully have several experts who are ready and willing to help with the initial flight (s ? ) I am really still in the setting up stages with the radio/travels etc. I have a 1700mA sub C pack with a Com Pro ( Czech ) redundancy switcher and 1000mA back up pack. ( Any experience of these ' swichers ' ?? )

What do you guys think about on board glow ? Some here have suggested that engine vibration can and in one case has caused the glow plug to break in flight with the expected bad results. My props and spinner have been balanced but wondering if this has happened to any you know of ?

Thanks , M.M.

Fragmentum 04-29-2005 09:23 PM

RE: New Platt P51 First Photos
I think on board glow for this plane would be warranted inside that cowl. Get some advice from Dave Platt direclty if it would make you feel better. I have run on board glow sytems in planes for years without any failures to date.
Take your time to finish her up, but let us know when the maiden flight is, OK?

Merlin Man 04-30-2005 01:07 AM

RE: New Platt P51 First Photos

Hi Fragmentum, Countryboy,

Thanks for your advice Fragmentum. I was planning to use an onboard glow and in the absence of any further criticism will certainly go ahead with this.

Countryboy, I thank you for your very flattering comments, not sure I deserve them but will accept them with thanks. All I have to do now is make sure the flying is good.

I have had plenty of experience on 46 and 60 ish sized P51's, and others in my 20yrs. of flying, and know enough to know that I don't know enough !

Will keep you posted.


Countryboy 04-30-2005 07:01 AM

RE: New Platt P51 First Photos

Countryboy, I thank you for your very flattering comments, not sure I deserve them but will accept them with thanks. All I have to do now is make sure the flying is good.

I'm all for giving credit where credit is due.... and in this case, you have earned said due credit.

Keep the pics coming !!!

CSpierings 04-30-2005 08:38 AM

RE: New Platt P51 First Photos
I would definitely go with on board glow. I'd bet you are still going to need nose weight and that on board glow battery will give you more weight plus a little extra insurance. I've taken using to C or D cell Nimh batteries and find that I only have to charge them 2-3 times a season. I have them in my Wellington and my H9 P-51. When I finish my Platt 51 if I don't go with a gas engine I'm going with a Moki and it will have on board glow.


BobH 04-30-2005 10:21 AM

RE: New Platt P51 First Photos
MM, excellent job on your build!!! I have a Moki 1.8 in my Yellow Spit with Onboard and I would recommend it. I can't say if its absolutely necessary but for that inverted engine I think it helps. Especially so at low throttle settings. Good luck on your Maiden, the plane will fly fine.. I watched Charlie Chambers (one time Top Gun and Scale Masters Champ) fly his and that was at #33!!!! His comments were that the plane flew just fine even at that heavy weight.. his only problem was if the engine went silent while in flight.. then.. a Short Glide!!

Bill Jennings 05-01-2005 03:05 PM

RE: New Platt P51 First Photos
G'Day Merlin Man.
Great job mate, will look forward to seeing you around the traps when you get her flying.

ahgundam 05-01-2005 07:03 PM

RE: New Platt P51 First Photos
I am in the middle of a topflight/gold 1/7 scale P-51B:D(though many refer to it as 1/8 scale which I don't understand... the w/s on the fullsize is 444" so 1/7 is 63". The kit is 65" so the actual scale is more like 1/6.8)... anyhow, I want to start on another 1/7 scale kit to add to my impending warbird fleet, though this size seems to be an oddball scale outside of topflight's lineup! Too bad- I want my planes all to match in scale!!!!!

Does anyone know of 1/7 kits that are good, accurate scale kits for navy birds like the Hellcat, Bearcat, etc etc?

Ziroli offers a terrific lineup of plans/kits, though I am not interested in gas nor am I interested in a giant bird! Also- I don't want an ARF dag[:@]nabbit! Building the thing is half the fun... too bad topflight discontinued their bearcat kit! Any leads would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance!

jim52519 05-02-2005 10:30 AM

RE: New Platt P51 First Photos
Your p-51 looks great! What is the span-arpound 90"? I an considering building a Platt Spitfire. Did you use Dave Platt retracts? Does Dave manufacture his own retracts? Does anyone have any coments,good or bad, about Dave Platt retracts?


fw190 05-02-2005 04:11 PM

RE: New Platt P51 First Photos
Awesome! Beautiful work on the Mustang!

Merlin Man 05-02-2005 05:12 PM

RE: New Platt P51 First Photos
Thanks guys for the comments.

The span of this model is 82" making it approx. 1/5.5 scale. Dave Platt still makes these kits (both full and partial) I believe, but I am not sure about the retracts.... Either whether they are available or about their quality. He has a web site at www.daveplattmodels.com with a contact number. When I messed up the first sliding canopy, I contacted Dave and he sent a replacement in very quick time. not expensive either, even with freight to Australia.

Still working on finishing a few things and will post some more pictures then.


Ta-152 05-03-2005 02:22 PM

RE: New Platt P51 First Photos
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Nice Job Merlin Man, I have had project going for awhile now. Connery, I hope this ends your search for finding a model of the A36 Regards Jim G

Ta-152 05-03-2005 02:27 PM

RE: New Platt P51 First Photos
Here's another, I've got it a little further along now, it's almost ready for paint. JG

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