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Wray 02-16-2003 10:44 PM

60" corsair?
What set of plans would you reccomend for a 60" corsair? I like all I've read about ziroli, should I downsize his set?

Chad Veich 02-17-2003 12:04 AM

60" corsair?
I would shrink the Ziroli plans down to work with the Brian Taylor cowl and canopy. (61 inches I think) I usually love Taylor's plans but his small Corsair is not among my favorites. I'm especially not fond of the way he does the gull in the wing. I guess you could even shrink down the 83 inch Brian Taylor plans if you wanted a really accurate Corsair. Of course, you could always just build the TF kit and save yourself some headache. With not too much work it can be just as scale as the Ziroli airplane.

CorsairJock 02-17-2003 03:29 AM

60" corsair?
DON'T use the Top Flite plans, if you want it to be accurate anways. Those plans have several inaccuracies in the outlines; rudder and wingtips in particular. They also lack any scale details. The old Royal ones were very accurate, as well as the smaller Jemco ( not FunScale 40) plans.

dionysusbacchus 03-16-2003 02:28 AM

60" corsair?
I TOTALLY agree with CorsairJock, the TF Corsair is not scale at all, it's just a sport plane. You also can't build from the TF plans. Use the Royal plans, they are excellent.

dionysusbacchus 03-16-2003 02:34 AM

Re: 60" corsair?

Originally posted by Wray
What set of plans would you reccomend for a 60" corsair? I like all I've read about ziroli, should I downsize his set?
You can check my web site, I'm building a Corsair from Royal plans. The Ziroli has some nice things about it, I'm using his flap method for instance but it isn't as scale in the nose area as the Royal plan.

Deaner777 09-07-2012 06:45 PM

RE: Re: 60" corsair?
Where is your web site?

irocbsa 09-07-2012 08:08 PM

RE: 60" corsair?
Almost 10 years! I think we have a record for dead post resurrection. :D

Deaner777 09-10-2012 05:29 AM

RE: 60
LOL...I know the original post started a l o n g time ago. I am going to start a scratch build .60 Royal Corsair and am looking for any help and advice I can get. It looked like at 2003 or so there was a lot of interest in the corsair with a lot of great documentation on the builds. I have gotten some people to respond but am still looking for as much info as I can get before I start. :) ...photos, advice on flap actuation, how to lighten up the tail, ect.


glazier808 09-10-2012 05:34 AM

RE: 60" corsair?
Good luck with your build, and welcome to RCU!


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