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white death 05-13-2007 08:47 AM

help about ships

I want to greate an polyester fregate it's name is kortenaer has enyone it's plans.
secondly I'm looking for any missile craft plans
and at last i want to greate a polyester Roussen Class (62m Super Vita) Fast Attack Missile Craft has anyone it's plans

thank's a lot

Wreno 05-13-2007 09:02 AM

RE: help about ships
I am not familiar with those ships. Most R/C Combat groups are 1900-1946 ships (age of the Battleship).

Some sources you might try are [link=http://www.rcnavalcombat.com/rcnavalcombat/vendors/default.aspx]http://www.rcnavalcombat.com/rcnavalcombat/vendors/default.aspx[/link]
(they have links to several plans sources and other parts suppliers),
and [link=http://www.all-model.com/index.html]http://www.all-model.com/index.html[/link] has somne very fine plans in Russian.
And Amax-Toys makes a missle frigate in fiberglass, but I don't know if it is at all what you are looking for.

Good luck,


Umi_Ryuzuki 05-13-2007 02:08 PM

RE: help about ships
The Netherlands is fairly open with their ship plans.
This was a response at Shipspotting.com to a tug boat inquiry...


National Towage Museum, Maassluis, The Netherlands, a museum of which the staff consists of only volunteers. Maassluis is the original homeport of Smit tugs. We raise money by selling the plans you need.
They cost Euro 15,- per plan. So a complete set of general plan and hull plan cost Euro 30,-.
Pls see www.nationaalsleepvaartmuseum.nl and apply to info@nationaalsleepvaartmuseum.nl
We also managed to find plans to an old WWI/II Dragen Class Torpedo boat through one of the museum archives in Denmark.

I would make inquiries to these associations in the Netherlands regarding the Kortenaer class frigates.
Also look up Germany's Bremen Class Frigates as they are listed as the similar ships of the class.


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