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Why is the New Classified System Better than the Old?

Old 09-12-2003, 09:49 PM
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Default Why is the New Classified System Better than the Old?

Many of you have asked why we moved the classifieds to a new system. Here are some of the reasons:

1. On forum-based classifieds, you had to read thread titles and guess whether an ad was for something you wanted. In the new system, you can click the "Advanced Search" link in the search box (upper left). From that search, you can find stuff quickly and accurately. You can search by: manufacturer, product name, price range, location, and other parameters.

2. On forum-based classifieds, you ad could become quickly buried under a mountain of other ads. On RCU, you can create a "Featured" ad and guarantee that it will be on top.

3. On forum-based classifieds, a simple reply post boosts another member's ad on top, simply because someone replied. In our system, the only way to scoot back up to the top is to EARN IT by discounting your price by at least 10%. This way, a boost up means something to shoppers.

4. On forum-based classifieds, there is no way to sort your search results. In the new system, you can filter cars, boats, airplanes and heli's by their build type (like RTR or ARF).

5. Forum-based ads often leave out important information about the product leading to back and forth discussion that is unnecessary many times. Ads are free form and sometimes difficult to read through. In our system, the format is consistent and you KNOW where everything is (like shipping info, product condition, price, reason for selling etc.).

6. The new system give you the option to use a stock photo and stock specs. This makes ad creation easier.

7. When searching on the forum, you can search for products in a certain condition (like "new in box" or "used-excellent" to limit your search of products.

8. The new site provides a "drill down" way of searching. Our "X-Ray" search technology displays ALL ads in a general category (like Helicopters) and then filters the list as you click on sub-categories. This way, folks who like to just browse, can see everything in the first click to a category and those looking more specifically can drill in. The listing pages give you an instant look at each product in the category you are searching, with the username, price, location and "commercial ad" designation if appropriate.

Once you get to know the tools of the new system, we think you'll appreciate its superior ability to handle large volumes of ads.
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