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Redcat transmitter servo issue

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Default Redcat transmitter servo issue

I bought a new Redcat Aftershock 3.5 this week.The servos are going crazy and twitching back and forth.When i turn the wheels the throttle jumps back and forth.When the transmitter is first turned on the throttle sometimes sticks wide open until I cut it of and on again.I havent contacted Redcat yet but wanted some input on the problem.
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Default RE: Redcat transmitter servo issue

sounds like a bad radio or reciever to me.
contact redcat and fill out the warrenty form on their website.

also, do you have any other radio systems you could use to test?
there is a possibility the servos are to blame, and if you could test another radio system you would know for sure.
but my guess is the radio.

you can also check for any loose connections. and also, try it out somewhere else. i have onwed many radios that glitch bad in one area of my house!
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