I can honestly say that the Redcat Racing Twister XTG is a great beginner Stadium truck. I just bought one 2 weeks ago. I am currently serving in Kuwait with the worst rock, sand and heat you can imagine. I have DOGGED THE CRAP out of this 2WD and it runs flawless. I am a beginner new to the RC world. Guys here race all the time and have a blast after a hard days work. I wish I would have bought the brushless but I will get one for my 11 year old grandson. I will upgrade mine to brushless just to tinker and get familiar with it. Very easy to work on. Nice clean wire layout. Better then Exceed and Traxxas brands. Only one flaw I have found. The left rear wheel came off because the HEX pin came out during a high speed run over heavy rock and sand track. Just make sure they are tight before you run hard. I am using paper clips that I cut as a filler until my Hex pins come in. Works great. I play hard and it is a great BANG FOR YOUR BUCK. I ran it with a friend that has a BRUSHLESS HIMOTO KATANA. He was fast but I has better control at top speed. He kept flipping over. I mananged to pass him easy around turns and maintain a constant speed throughout. He paid $232 bucks to my $127. HMM!!! someone didnot do their resarch like I did before I buy. I hope this helps and yes I clean and maintain it very well. Can't was to race my Grandson.