Hey Guys.

I just got my Caldera XB 10 E buggy 2 weeks ago.
Now im in urgent need of support, maybe parts and help.

I Live in pakistan so i have to import everything.

Now let me explain the problems.
1. Firstly, i did not receive any manual with the buggy. If someone has it can they send me a digitized or scanned copy? I would really appreciate that.
2. I have blown the charger, dont know how though, so i was wondering if i could use a charger of 9v 1000mah (the original charger was 9v 500mah) without destroying the NiMH battery?
3. When ever i press the throtle even a lil bit, it makes a metalic slipping sound once or twice. Is that normal?
4. The spur gear is wearing out from the corner. could anyone tell me the specs for both the spur gears and the pinion? so i can get a replacement part from the local hobby shop if possible and when necessary?
5. Most importantly, im having a serious problem with the Front differential. Some times when it hits a wall at realy low speeds from the side, like crawling slow, or after a tiny jump, the diff starts to emits sounds, as if some gears are not meshing properly. now this sound realy worries me and it is accompanied with light vibrations too.
after i open the diff box and and then close it, the sound goes away. i havent opend the diffs. i have cleaned and regreased the bevel gears but still it has hapend again. Can someone help please?

Also, i wish REDCAT would make a proper DEDICATED parts page for the buggy. Can anyone suggest a site for redcat parts, apart from redcat itself?