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Rampage XB 4 Tank review


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Default Rampage XB 4 Tank review

I thought this may help others thinking of purchasing this buggy...

Right out of the box the buggy is very impressive. It's big, heavy and all you have to do is install the wing and the wheels to get it running. It sounds incredible, I like hearing it almost as much as driving it! If you're familar with 2 stroke dirt bikes, it sounds like one ripping around a track.

-The Transmitter looks cheap. I had a problem with the transmitter right from the start. I installed new batteries but could not get it to power up. I found that a couple of the positive terminals were not making contact. I used a small flat screw driver to bend the positive side springs out a tiny bit and it has been fine since then. Watch out for the travel adjustment on steering. My travel was set at 5 only allowing the buggy to make huge turns at speed.

-The engine started and idled with no problem. The carb seemed to be adjust perfectly. I ran a tank of fuel through the engine with no problem. About halfway through the second tank of fuel, the engine started getting really perky. Close to the end of the tank, the engine had gotten super snappy. I thought the response was just the engine breaking in, but I was wrong. The seal in the fuel cap was closed up and the carb pulled a vaccum in the tank... thus leaning the engine out on the second tank of fuel! The vaccum got so bad the engine finally died. When I unscrewed the fuel cap there was a long hiss from the air being sucked into the tank. So much for a rich break in!

-On my third tank of fuel, I lost a hex screw and bushing from the bottom of the front hub. I had been checking all the screws that I could get to, but that one requires taking the wheels off and I hadn't done that yet. I was thinking 5 tanks and pull everything to tighten it up but that is too late.

-On the 4th tank I noticed the left rear wheel was getting some extra play in it. I could move it left to right - up and down about 1/4th inches. I stopped running it and pulled the wheel and hub off. The balls in the outer bearing are MIA! I had about 5 rolling around in the hub but the rest are gone. I pulled the rest of the wheels and hubs and found another bearing missing parts and two others that are jammed up and glitchy.

-The body is very thick and looks like it should hold up nice. I opened up the pull cable hole for easier body mounting and the kill hole to have room to access it. I also cut a small hole for the side of the body so the corner of the engine does not rub. The only thing bad to report on it is that the rear mount holes are very close the the edge and look like they can rip through easy.

- The frame seems solid however I do have some flex that I can see where the exhaust pipe sticks through the rear shock mount. If I twist the frame, I can see the pipe move side to side in the hole.

- The tires are holding up well.

- I noticed the shock shafts have a lot of side to side play. Much more than any shock I have ever seen before. I checked a new one at the LHS today and it is the same as mine.

- Overall, I am extremely impressed with the performance I have seen so far. The buggy handles very well. The speed is good; however, it seems to be wearing parts very quickly. The buggy utilizes a lot of plastic parts where I would like to see metal because I am seeing so much wear. I contacted Redcat today about the bearings. I will let you know what the outcome is.

Thanks and hope this helps.

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Default RE: Rampage XB 4 Tank review

the bearing issue is a bit unsettling.

the rest sounds about right.

in the large scale forum there is alot of thread on the redcat 1/5's

most of the guys that post there have lots of $$$ to drop on rc, yet many of them get a redcat 1/5 and then upgrade the weak points....IE the radio/servo/shocks.

I had a king motor baja, and faired worse than you have. Had a tire shred on the 4th tank. a wheel break on the 6th. a upper shock mount kept coming loose (till i used epoxy on it!) I had to tighten screws all over the place after every 2 tanks (nothing had thread lock from what i could tell) and the dang kill switch would stick really bad every time i used it.

Still, it was a fun buggy. And the sound of these things is unreal!
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Default RE: Rampage XB 4 Tank review

Yes the bearing really sucks on the XB and the XT you would want to get all of these hop ups

They will keep your ride nice and stable and have the bigger 22in bearing that dont wear out if you keep using the redcat bearing you will keep gettin the same outcome. Also I would recommend there chubs here

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