Alright so if you look at my last post from august you'll see the problems I'm having. Its not so much of that anymore. I'm trying to tune everything up, make it drive straight, adjust suspension,etc. Everything is done, I tuned it and I drove it today. The gears are pretty shot but they work good, but thats none of my worries. The steering is terrible and the esc is acting wierd. I dont know why it takes a few seconds to change into reverse, and i dont know why the steering barely turns. It feels like the servo is weak and it makes very wide turns. Even when i take it off the ground and turn it barely turns. It gets a little resistance passing the center of the steering going from left to right and right to left. I really dont know what to do with this thing haha. Btw this is a redcat caldera 10e with no upgrades, with just a replaced servo. Now this one is acting up or something. I would also appreciate recomendations for upgrades or good replacement parts. Thanks