HobbyKing is having on a sale on the same BSD Racing kits that RedCat sells, but that HK sells as Turnigy brand:

Turnigy Trailblazer XB (aka 1/5th RedCat Shredder XB) - $199.99

Turnigy Trailblazer 1/8 (aka 1/8th RedCat Earthquake 8E (slightly different body)) - $206.08

Take note of what comes with each bundle and what you'll still need to provide (i.e. batteries): even with shipping these are great deals! HK does sell parts for them (but almost every part is currently out-of-stock), but since they're all BSDrebadges you can just buy parts from your local RedCat reseller.

Iown the Shredder SCmodel and paid about $100 more for it just over a month ago. Still happy with my purchase, but if I had know I could have waited a few more weeks ....

Turnigy Trailblazer XB