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newbie mistake need help


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Default newbie mistake need help

ok the questions i have is the truck is a redcat exp pro it had a 7.2 nimh battery with a 45 amp splashproof ecs and a 3300kv brushless . sensorless motor well my son wanted to get a batttery that would last longer as the nimh battery that came with the truck was only a 2000 mah battery so he decided to buy a 5800 lipo battery and he bought a lipo battery charger when the battery came in it had 3 holes on one end of the battery one was+ one was - and a small hole in between them we also got a wire plug that had a red wire with a pointed prong on it and a black wire with a prong on it and a blue wire with a small prong on it so i plugged the black wire into the - and the red wire into the + and the blue wire into the small hole between the + and the - not sure what the blue wire is for any way there was a little white plug attached to this which is where the battery pluggs into the charger the original nimh battery had just a bannana plug on it with red and a black wire comming off of it the new battery didnt have any way to attach the battery to the car so i decided that the box with two other pluggs in it we could attach the white plug(the plug to charge the battery with) into there which i later found out it was the receiver box which was a bad choice as it started to smoke so i unpluged it and then the truck would not do anything when i finaly got the battery hooked up to the car correctly with 4 mm bannana plug it did nothing so i assumed that i had smoked the receiver card so i bought a new receiver card and still nothing works i did some checking and there is no power to the receiver from the esc so i am assuming that i need a new esc so here is my questions i need help with

1= the orginal battery was a nimh 7.2 volt and the new battery i got was a 7.4 lipo will the 7.4 lipo battery hurt any thing since its just 0.2 volts difference

2= is the esc that is in the truck thats possible burned up is a 45 amp brushless sensorless can i put a higher amp esc in it with out hurting anything as long as it is still for a brushless sensorless esc or do i need to install the same 45 amp esc back in it

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Default RE: newbie mistake need help

confusing reading the post, but it sounds like you hooked up the battery wrong and crossed the polarity when you plugged it into the ESC. That will fry most any ESC.
that esc can run upto 3s lipo (11.1v) so a 2s is certainly safe to run in it.
Redcat has a lifetime warrenty. It envolves sending them the burnt ESC, and paying a flat rate plus shipping for a replacement. So, basically you can get a replacement ESC at their cost and not retail cost.

But you can certainly go with a higher amp brushless sensorless ESC if you want. you will have to make sure the ESC has motor plugs the same size. I think that model has 4mm plugs (many other models have 3mm plugs)
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