Well I've had this truck for some time now .down to it
if you need more power out of it this is what I have found so far.
1st is avalanche it has a jp4 pipe,k&n,aluminum clutch,roto start,savox servos and spektrum . Glow plug os8
2 is a avalanche it has aluminum clutch,roto start ,savox.spektrum. glow plug is a os8 stock besides that
We race them both side by side many times temp.at 235 to 245 .
1st one ran off in the mid to high every time it was bad.after that we put a losi turbo head on the #2
Retune it and temp at 230 to 245 and race some more.it was amazing #2 just got it out of the
Hole,mid,and top just amazing love them turbo heads now lol
The1st one has turbo head now ,
Both trucks have had the same number of tanks ran on them by me on 20%
Part# for turbo head is LOSR2245 it's for the 454 losi