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    Need help with Tornado S30

    New to the site and new to RC (thankfully not new to forums haha)

    anyway im having some problems with my Tornado S30

    the guy i bought it from decided to take off the front driveshaft so it was RWD. why, idk, your guess is better than mine haha

    anyway when i got home i started it and drove it around a bit easy to make sure it was fine. after maybe 5 min i took it inside for the day.
    next morning i go take it out to go to the local park and drive it, and when i start it and give it some throttle, nothing, it hardly moves. i tried going WOT and it barely crawls.
    Im new to RC but im thinking my clutch/tranny? the teeth dont seem to be too worn out but then again im not too sure.
    also it was spitting out more fuel/oil than it was and wasted maybe half a tank (75cc tank) in just a few min of sitting and idling.

    i need any and all help! thanks ahead and cant wait to get this thing fixed soon.

    i can post a video or pictures if someone needs it to help diagnose incase my description was bad or too vague.

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    i have a spare transmission from a parts car (parts car runs but needs pull start and axles for front right tire so i figure ill use it for parts unless i find the few small things it needs soon

    the other car is a forza exceed/redcat shockwave

    seems identical to both so not sure which, has a VX-16 motor
    my Tornado has a VX-18

    the tranny from the shockwave/exceed is a single speed, right now the S30 has a 2 speed, worth switching out? i dnt do a lot or racing, mostly mild bashing and driving through the park/local golf course

    i also think the reason for spitting so much fuel/oil is from a bad tune, so ill try to work that out. bear with me im terrible at tuning so ill do my best to learn.

    any help from the redcat Gurus on here? wana try to get it fixed tonight/tomorrow morning so i can run it with some friends at the park with their electrics

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    Bump, any help? wana go and do some bashing today

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    Ok so let's get your needles straightened out. Start out at factory settings. Bring the HSN and LSN out until they're flush with the sleeve their in. Turn your LSN in about 1/2 to 3/4 of a turn. Turn the HSN in 1 turn. This is if its already been broken in. This should get you started. Run it a little, don't worry about making it scream yet, just make some high speed passes and adjust your HSN in 1 hour increments in to lean it and make it run good without bogging. Now just get it running good, now pinch test your LSN. Pinch the fuel line and see how long it takes to want to stall. Should start running lean around 3 seconds. If longer, its too rich, turn in on LSN. If shorter than 3 seconds its too lean, turn out on LSN. Get that right then finish adjusting your HSN.
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    how do i know when its lean/rich on the HSN side?
    i figure if its too rich itll bog but how do i know its too lean? people say it should have a nice cloud right?

    also i cant really drive it since it barely moves.
    when i give some throttle it doesnt budget, i tried going wide open but it barely even moved.
    ill do what adjusting i can with the needles with it sitting still to get a start on it.

    thanks for the help so far, was getting frustrated because no local hobby shop would even want to look at it because it wasnt Traxxas/Losi/HPI

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    *ignore, double post*

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    was fuel ever left in the tank? it could be that your carb is clogged. might need to take it off...apart and cleaned.
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    ill check that. i know when i first ran it i only put in half a tank, ran it, and i *think* i put another half tank meaning to ride but didnt and left it over night
    ill get it off and check it
    pain to do much work on it as i didnt get any of the hex tools, gonna browse online for some tools for it

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    ok so i seem to have the tuning better, not spitting fuel as bad and has a nice good smoke. watched a couple vids on youtube and i think its at a good spot
    i have a hard time testing it though as i still have the problem with it not wanting to really move when i give it throttle

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    if you have the radio/buggy turned on, with the motor off and throttle at neutral.....and you roll the buggy on the ground does it roll smoothly? the wheels should have no drag on them.
    your brakes may need adjusting...or something may be binding.
    1/6 hummer crawler, HG P402, FJ40, Evader Bx, Kyosho Sand Master, Stampede, ECX Circuit

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    it rolls but not smoothly, doesnt seem like the brake is locked? but then again im not too sure, just did it out of no where
    what are some possible things that would cause this?

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    take the screw off the throttle/steering servo and remove the servo arm from it.
    this will let you move the brakes by hand. if you have to move it some before the buggy can roll freely then the brakes are still one when the throttle is at neutral. with the throttle at neutral, the brakes should not be on and the buggy should roll freely.
    1/6 hummer crawler, HG P402, FJ40, Evader Bx, Kyosho Sand Master, Stampede, ECX Circuit

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    alright thanks, ill try that in the morning

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    ok so ive got an update

    im getting the tuning under control better, still seems a bit too rich but its all being sorted in due time.

    onto the big issue, i left the buggy alone for a few days and earlier wen i went to move it, it rolled smooth, no binding or anything?
    well i hoped my problems where gone.. nope..
    as soon as it started up i let it sit for a bit to warm up (as i always do) and after a few min i tried getting it to move. barely.
    if i keep the throttle real low i can get it to crawl slowly, but again when i give it any gas it just revs up and barely moves?

    ive got the tools i need now to do all the work on it. would it be worth it to take the tranny out and see if the problem is in there?

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    Sounds like the clutch needs replacement

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