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    1/8th scale buggy top speed comparisions.

    Still waiting to get my Backdraft 8e. From all the videos i've seen ( and there a lot of them) this thing is lightning on 4 wheels. Out of the box this thing is running around 50 mph. For some reason no one has actually recorded its top speed or is hiding the video somewhere cause youtube has no actual recorded speed. I have seen a video where a guy raced his vs 4 others (revo,jato....) the Backdraft blew them all away.

    I see people trying to talk me into a hurricane. Yes the buggy is more well put together with its sturdier and stronger parts, but from all the videos I have seen of the Hurricane (which for some reason there are very, very few) all the extra engineering put into this thing seems to have cut the top speed remarkably. If I had to venture a guess I would say its doing 35-40. I know these arent build for straightaway speeds but I gotta say im disapointed with the hurricanes top speed. I would figure it would at least match the backdraft on speed but it really looks a lot slower.

    Is there someone out there who has actually tested these two stock with there top speeds? I cant figure out why its so hard to find a record with either of these buggys.

    I would really like some proof instead of someone just saying "well they have identical or near identical gear, so therefore they must be similar in top speed".

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    Just found some new info on these two buggys. The Hurricane has a 1755kv brushless motor and the Backdraft has a 2400 kv motor.

    So the Hurricane will have more stock torque for acceleration but less top speed and the Backdraft will have less torque (but its also lighter) and have a higher top speed.

    Can anyone confirm this for me and why would the hurricane be slower than the backdraft if its a "pro racing" buggy when the backdraft is not?

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    Raeodor, if you think YouTube videos are proof of anything, you're going to be sorely disappointed. Your really comparing apples to oranges. These two cars are very different. The Hurricane weighs more, and is a true 1/8th scale. The backdraft is a stretched out 1/10th scale that is horribly over powered. When you get tired of replacing diff screwed on your backdraft you'll understand. As for the speed, I can set up the backdraft to beat a hurricane and vice versa, but I doubt the backdraft will run for long that way.

    It seems you have already decided your getting the 8e. Great, now you can quit trying to convince yourself it's better. Obviously handling and durability doesn't matter.

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    the XTE has a lower KV motor because it is heavier. top speed is really only 5-7mph less I believe. I think the 8e does more like 45mph. Maybe it can hit 50mph with a good set of 2s lipo packs, but I seriously doubt it will do that on the stock 20c 3200mah packs. I know the earthquake (slightly heavier, huge tires) hits 40mph.

    As foxy mentions, the 8e's are known for diff issues. These do apply mostly to the earthquake, as the huge tires put A LOT of stress on the diffs. The buggies smaller tires will ease the stress. But if you haven't looked up "redcat diff shimming" on google or youtube then please do so. Some of the 8e's ship with diffs that have play in them. If you don't shim them with a XTR washer/shim kit then they wont last more than 5-8 packs (depending on how you drive)
    It also helps a lot to buy the hobbywing program card. This will let you adjust the punch control and braking force on the ESC. The stock settings are too high IMO. Raising the punch control will soften how motor applies power when you hit the throttle. And the stock brake setting is so strong that hitting the brakes in the air locks up the tires and makes the buggy nose dive hard.

    So, look up diff shimming, and buy the program card. While the XTE is the better buggy, the backdraft with a little work can run well. Another RCU member (in Canada I think) raced his and did well.
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