I recently saw another RC company had a video contest.

You just had to make a video of your model, and say "this is my (brand name)" in the beginning. Then upload to youtube and email a link to the company. That entered a chance to win a free model.

I think a similar idea would be really cool for Redcat to do. We could use more good Redcat videos on youtube.

I enjoy making videos of my Rc's anyway....but doing so with a chance to win a free RC is even better.

Hoping the Redcat guys will find this thread and think about it. I know redcat doesn't advertise like the big name rc companies do...which I respect as this helps them keep prices down some. But posting a contest with the rules and such via youtube could be a good marketing tool and wont cost any more than the value of the models given out as prizes.

Anyone else want to see such a contest