grettings all,
i just bought a redcat everest-16 rock crawler. I love this little thing! Ive been into nitro for a few years and this is my first electric rock crawler. it works like a champ so far, the ONLY problem ive encountered is when starting a climb head on, this this has NASTY torque/axle twist in the rear. as soon as the tires grip and i apply throttle the left rear sinks and the tire catches on the corner of the body. I googled this and, per one suggestion, tried to put a spacer in the left rear shock, that helped a tiny bit but not much. My question is does anybody else have this or a similar model with this problem and what have you done to minimize it? ( and please, i dont want to hear how redcat is a cheap piece of crap and blah, blah. I have a $700 traxxas revo that i run mainly, and i like redcat as well) thanks in advance