I am new to hobby grade rc cars and recently purchased this vehicle. I have 2 14 year old sons and myself. All i can say is wow!
This thing is fun and tough. I did not get it to be a beater, but it seems to be getting its share of abuse. We have ran this thing into a 4" curb at wide open throttle it literally hit so hard it shot into the air from plain inertia and went 10 feet over a ditch and we ran it back through the ditch to our side and it hit the almost vertical bank and shot straight up into the air landed on the rear and took off again. we flipped , rolled, and cartwheeled this thing in a blacktop parking lot for hours and through it in the truck only because batteries were all dead.

when you look at this thing it is easy to see loose suspension parts, flexing control arms and on mine the rear tires are kind of toed in all funny (i dont see a way to adjust that). For sure you would think it would have some failure issues. All i can say is this thing has taken way more already than most videos i have seen and not a hick up.

I will buy at least one more in the near future. I was trying to decide between all the redcat models and just decided to start with this one. I am going to order spare parts and another one of these just so i can keep life simple. I can say that would and am recommending to others.
My nephew has a Traxxis and it is broken more than fixed. he actually does not run it much because it has broken so much and he does not run it as hard as i have ran this

Redcat Caldera rocks.