Just a note to tell all the posters here, i drove my traxxas jato today, after the break in i just nicked my tire on my real car with it and bam, $6 servo saver and 30 minutes later i was doing 55mph again. As far as my Volcano and tornado xp, besides a little problem tuning 100% no breakage yet so just goes to show you. Also my son burnt out my novak esc($100) on his rustler and stripped the spur gear on his tamiya tl01 ford lightning. Both are very modified but he is only 8 . maybe i should let him drive my redcats!!!!! LOL
I have 2 on road cars (hpi rs4 and kyosho fw-05) and never have any problems with them. i think the off road vehicles have small front bumbers so its less to protect the suspension, also the bodies dont cover the wheels(a little more protection). also there is less to hit onroad than off, the only thing is that usually if you hit something on road your going pretty fast and what your hitting doesnt move(concrete, cars, sidewalks, walls etc) Just wanted to put my 2 cents in . Just found it funny that the Jato broke and the redcats didnt. By the way the redcat speeds are way off, My Jato (55+mph)would put to shame the volcano or tornado(60+mph), but i did pay almost double the price for it.What would happen if you hit a concrete wall in a real car doing 30mph???