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Day Of Bashing

Old 03-27-2006, 08:48 PM
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Default Day Of Bashing

I stayed in upstate ny today, it was such a nice day and played all day with my son. We had the Volcano, Tornado XP, and traxxas Jato.

1. By the third tank of fuel the gears stripped(big gear of throttle and small gear of throttle anybody know the part #'s?????) dont know why, wasn't really bashing just trying to adjust the shifting point, the engine was straight and square, no rocks etc. in the gears. Any ideas???? I was driving on and off road, stripped while driving off road on grass.

2. Jato ran good, hard to control since has big power and 2 wheel drive, flips often, suprising since low and wide. by the 5th tank, steering was binding, dont know why yet, put it in the car next to the tornado.

3. Volcano, no problems, pretty stable, handles good, kept up with jato off road since it handles better(4wd). Ran 7 tanks and still runs as good as the first, i really love this truck and so does my son.

I found myself asking why did i but the jato, should have bought the revo, yeah its fast but off road its kinda worthless and the tires ran out 123(on my second set going for my third)

As for the tornado xp this has been a problem out of the box, radio glitches(needs new transmitter works fine with another), clutch spring broke, very hard to make shift correctly, instruction say nothing about this, just know from my other cars. Now the gears stripping. The pull start broke before the first tank of gas(able to get rotostart cheaper than redcats pull start, already had the wand).

My .02 Volcano is worth every nickle, great, no parts needed yet and have ran at least 25-30 tanks thru it, engine still has plenty of compression too.
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Old 03-28-2006, 12:29 AM
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Default RE: Day Of Bashing

dude I dont know if this helps any but last weekend I had a real rough saturday and an unbelievable sunday.

Sat- broke two a-arms (within an hour of one another)
replaced the second a-arm and promptly broke a steering arm
replaced the steering arm and about 30 minutes later the clutch spring broke.
This was really depressing because I am mostly a newb and had a little anxiety over pulling the engine off. wasnt even sure if the spring was still as long as it was originally but after I got it all back together it seemed to run allright.

Sun-I bashed on the small track I dug into my side yard all day long and never broke a single part. Every time I rolled over I would cringe because I just knew that the thing would come up in pieces. Id run over to where it flipped and scan the ground for parts and damage but by the end of the day if it landed on its wheels I,d just punch the gas.

The only thing I can compare this hobby to would be shooting craps. Sometimes you roll good and sometimes you bust! Sunday was what the hobbys all about! Too much fun! I got an associated mgt while I had tax money but havent broken it in yet so I dont have anything to compare to my cyclone but will real soon. Post u later
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