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tsunami clutch bell

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Default tsunami clutch bell

My stock clutch and clutchbell screwed up about a week ago. i didnt have enough money to buy what i needed so i put my friends clutch shoes, spring, clutchbell. Basically the whole set up from his exceed buggy. The car runs a little different, seems like its hitting higher rpms alot quicker. Kinda sounded like a 1/8 scale. sorda lol. just that loud quick take off speed sound. I dont think it went any faster in take off, just sounded like it took more out of the motor to get it going. i know exceeds clutch shoes and bell arent as good as redcat. But the clutchbell got extremely hot. Hotter then the motor and i had it pretty lean. I havent took the clutchbell off yet to see if the shoes were rubbing or anything because its kinda late. I just dont remember it ever getting that hot. This set up is only temporary untill i get a teflon clutch shoe kit and 13/18 steel clutchbell
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