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Good Deed

Old 05-12-2008, 12:19 AM
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Default Good Deed

So, this weekend I ran my first Volcano. Unfortunately, it wasn't mine, it was my neighbor's. About 7 weeks ago he heard me doing speed passes up and down the street with my Tornado and came over to investigate. He thought it was so cool that a few weeks later he ordered a Volcano (through my recommendation). Funny thing is that another neighbor was also there, and he thought it was so cool that he ended up getting an Associated MGT 4.6. Now, there are 3 other guys in the neighborhood are planning to get a nitro RC of their own. I think I have become a less favorable with some of the neighborhood wives LOL. Anyway, back to the original story.

My neighbor got his Volcano a few weeks ago and have about gotten a half gallon through the engine. He hasn't touched any of the needles because he's a bit skittish that he's gonna hurt the engine. So, this Saturday we finally got a small time frame to hang out and do a little bashing. I tuned his car (to the best of my noob ability) and as the thing got faster and faster so did the grin on his face. With running temp at about 240 and good smoke trail, the thing flies.

I wanted to show off a little, so I brought over my new Associated MGT 8.0 which he hasn't seen (or heard yet). His jaw kinda dropped when I WOT that 8cc engine. Honestly though, I actually enjoyed running his Volcano more since my beast is not very agile and kinda roll-over happy. I enjoyed running that Volcano so much that I am gonna be getting me a Volcano in the not so distant future.

We finished off the session with a small make shift ramp, and that really brought in another dimension of fun for him (and me). He Christened his first nitro truck with a damaged body on the very last jump. I don't think he's heart-broken though. I am pretty sure he's hooked LOL. I guess I did my good deed for the week.

So, what did you do this weekend?
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Default RE: Good Deed

good story i got a tornado bb a monsoon and a lighting and now im eyeing the volcano also
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