I finally got a good run in. i went up north to my house in payson today (if anybody knows where that is) and i had to do some yardwork [:'(] then i got a while of run time in. i went down the street, into the wash, and drove down the wash for a while. its fun in loose sand. then i went back onto this other stree. then in this big dirt field, went up this huge hill. like 20 feet tall with a big incline. ill get some pics when i go back, forgot to get some. did it with ease though. and then went up another street ( i would just walk and drive) and noticed my wheel slanted like this - |-\ in the front. so i look and my screw came out of my steering hub. so i just drove it home with 3 wheels drive because my dogbone on that wheel got stuck and the wheel would just spin free. i used the whole bottle of fuel (the starter box bottle, like 300cc's or whatever it is. was total fun.