I had a stock tornado EPX pro, and i was pretty happy with it. quite fast, very durable, easy to work on. recently though, my brushless motor in it devolped a short, and i went shopping. I figured i'd just buy another motor and run the stock ES****il i saw that aftermarket combos with both were only in the 120-200 range, and i wanted something that i knew was lipo ready. i know they say the stock stuff is lipo ready, but im not buying it.

so i ended up buying a Team Orion Experience 2 Pro from my local shop. it was $154.99 and came with there 3750 kv sensorless brushless motor. it also came withere there 70A brushless ESC. the packaging was wonderful, and the product looked great.

installation was easy, the hardest part was taking the traxxus connector off and putting the deans on it. evidentally this particular kit is taylored to fit the traxxus slash, but obviously i was putting it on my redcat. i kept the 22 tooth pinion, and revved her up!

i have to say this thing blew my pants off. i picked up easily 5mph in top end, and thanks to the 8.3 mohm ESCresistence, picked up serious run time. im estimating probably a full extra mintue and a half or so (probably 10-20 percent better). i was worried the 3750 kv vs the stock 3300kv would effect the zero RPM torque, and it did just a bit, but she still RIPSoff the line, and the increased top end gives all my friends nitros a run for there money on top end.

in the end, the 155 dollar price wasn't all i paid for, after just 2 days of driving i have crashed this thing a half dozen times!

i very much recomend this kit for anyone looking to unlock there 1/10 scale cars, and i like it enough that the 155 price tag is worth it on a car that costs only slightly more then that.