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Question about breakin process


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Default Question about breakin process

Iwas doing the break in Isee alot of raw fuel but no smoke. My question is should Ikeep richin the HSNtill Isee alot smoke. The direction mention alot of smoke.

Has anyone had there carb come loose. For some reason on mine when u hit the throttle the metal inside the carb would not move. Ihad to take it off the engine and tighten the nut the best Icould to get it to work again.

Also when i was doing the figure 8 the idle increased so Itried to dial the trim on the remote back to lower the idle. Problem that happened was when I did that it applied the break which made the spur gear get so hot that the metal changed color. Iadjusted the screw on the end of rod that goes to the break assemble and seems to have solved that problem. Wondering if that happen to anyone else.

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Default RE: Question about breakin process

You should lower the idle with the "idle" adjustment screw on the carb.. Using the trim is just a quick fix (and usually only used to "increase" the idle to get it to stay running) and should be set back to "neutral" trim as soon as you get the idle corrected with the adjustment screw.. If your seeing alot of raw fuel coming out the exhaust pipe, you have it set plenty rich.. Your not seeing alot of smoke because your not revving the engine up much.. You should really use a temp gun or the "spit" method, to make sure the engine is reaching proper breakin temps.. Running them too rich during breakin is just as bad as running them too lean.. (and some say can actually cause catastrophic failure of the connecting rod, as soon as you start running it hard, if run too cool during breakin.) But just follow the manuals settings for the high and low speed needles, during breakin, and you should be fine..  Hope that helps out your breakin process a little!!
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