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D4nY 07-17-2011 02:54 PM

Volcano s30
Hi i just got my new Volcano s30 and was wondering if there is some parts that break easily on it? wich parts break more often? id like to order some of them to have backups if my truck break... ive seen on other post that some are having problem with dogbones... anything elsei should keep in stock?

ehroof 07-17-2011 03:05 PM

RE: Volcano s30
Front lower arms, spur gear.

lakesrunner 08-06-2011 11:35 AM

RE: Volcano s30
I've had one of my stock shocks bend on me due to either jumping,flipping or doing some cartwheels.

jeffie8696 08-06-2011 11:54 AM

RE: Volcano s30
Yep spur gear and lower front A arms. Not that they are weak ,just vulnerable.
Oh and front axles since if you break an A arm you might loose it in the grass like I did.

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