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barney 5 08-06-2011 04:18 AM

rampage V3 mt
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i can't beleive there are no rampage posts in here. i have been buying, selling and trading rc's for 25 years and this rampage i have is by far the best rc i have had yet. i have been thru over 250 rigs in just the past 2 years! i've had bajas that i have had 2k invested into but still dosen't compare to the enjoyment i can get outa this HUGE 4wd truck. i had a steering servo go bad on me on the first tank but redcat put one in the mail the day after, thanx redcat. i'm not saying redcat is the best company out there (because there not!) but i will say that for the $$$ these trucks are hands down the best. i installed a 29cc stroked motor from large scale rc and now this truck is just unbeleivable, definately a keeper. i installed a set of leds in the show body and also bought a spare body which by the way is half the price of most 5 scale truck bodies and their not the thin flimsy look at it and it breaks body either. i have added the full alum roll cage and the pipe. all of this for just over a grand. most trucks are that much bone stock and then you start upgrading. got a friend with a baja and he dosen't even come close to doing what i can do with this truck, lol... just saying imo its the best truck for the $$$.... thanx

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