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Heli_nut 08-08-2011 11:49 AM

Clutch help
Ok I think i may have found the problem on my Hurricane XTR. But why did it go. anyways I took my motor out and the bell off. the shoes have a lip on them close in my the flywheel. the lip is about a playing card, so pretty sure that the clutch is gone.

1. How do I get the clutch off properly?

2. I have a washer that was inside between the nut/clutch and the bushing in the bell. I don't see any other washer than the smaller onle for the bolt listed on the parts sheetsI got with the buggy.Maybe why it wore out quick? If I take it out theres a bit of play in the bell, now if i put it in its kinda same thing just not as much play.

Heli_nut 08-08-2011 12:18 PM

RE: Clutch help
Oh btw I talked to Redcat 2 times they were no help what so ever. I got new clutches coming, that don't fix it then to you know what with it. Horrible customer service, they listened to my rant and said have a good day!


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