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fun4oli 06-21-2012 08:20 AM

Motor starts, then quickly dies
I had a fine racing session for a tank-ful with my Volcano S30.

Then Imade a small change to the position of the metal thingy which sits on the rod from the throttle servo to the carburetor (what they call the "throttle/break linkage set", I guess).

I am not sure why that would have made any difference but afterwards the motor would not start, though Imade sure that the carburetor opening was large enough. Itwiddled with the low speed needle and the idle screw. So where I am now is that after Iprime the motor it starts (so plug and plug igniter work), and Ikeep the plug igniter on, but after a second or so the motor dies.

I looked at the manual and it says to check for:
<ul>[*]Idle set too low (no, Isee a good gap in the carburetor opening)[*]Need to lean low speed needle (I did for multiple iterations, no effect)[*]Engine not getting fuel (fuel line is intact, and fuel is running from tank opening where the fuel line attaches)[*]Bad glow plug (no, I keep the igniter on)[/list]But itlooks like after the motor starts it does not get additional fuel and thus stalls.

Any idea how Icould further troubleshoot this?

The frustrating part is that had had that great session just before and life was good...

- Oliver<br type="_moz" />
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derailed75 06-21-2012 02:37 PM

RE: Motor starts, then quickly dies
Your plug could still be on the way out. If the filiment does not full glow you should change it. Get some extra anyway and try one just to be sure, for somewhere between 5 and 8 bucks it is worth a shot. My first RedCat would run until it warmed up and then it would shut off. I found out I had some air leaks, it is not a bad idea to seal around the carb with high temp gasket sealer just to make sure. Air leaks can be very tricky and can cause a ton of different symtems.

fun4oli 06-22-2012 09:16 AM

RE: Motor starts, then quickly dies

I have run the car a total of maybe 4 hours so it would be weird if the glow plug would not be OK. And again, the motor does start, and I keep the glow plug igniter on ... why would the plug and igniter not sustain the motor running?

But I also saw something else when I tried it again:

When Iclose the exhaust with my finger and pull the starter cord to prime the motor gas does get sucked into the motor, I can see the carburetor getting wet and little spits of fuel flying out. I still have an air bubble or two in the line. I release my finger and attachthe glow igniter, start the engine. The motor starts, but the air bubbles stay in place. Maybe the fuel just flows around them.Or does maybe the motorjust not suck gas from the tank once I release my finger from the exhaust?

Is that a clue?

derailed75 06-22-2012 02:20 PM

RE: Motor starts, then quickly dies
Its not unusual for a glow plug to burn out during break in. There cheap and an easy fix. If that doesnt work bag it and use it again. Air leaks are a pain and checking for them is just as bad. Basically take the motor aparrt and seal it up as you put it back together. Check youtube for a video guide of doing it.

lifeismuddy 07-03-2012 01:49 AM

RE: Motor starts, then quickly dies
it is very possible you have a scarred piston or sleeve, just had 1 come in with the same issue. prime it, start it, stalls had good compression, did tear down and found that both had some pretty good scratching on sleeve and piston come to find out the only thing they did for break-in was 1 tank of fuel and 30% at that.

fun4oli 07-04-2012 10:57 AM

RE: Motor starts, then quickly dies
Dear all,

well, the resolution was much less dramatic. I emailed Redcat to send me the "factory settings" for the needles (they do not write about them in the manual for whatever reason). Iset them to the factory settings and the motor started again!

Still thanks for all your suggestions.

Best, Oliver

Cessna172SPFlyer 02-29-2016 12:34 PM

So what are the *factory settings* for LSN and HSN. I get that idle needs to be 1 - 2mm.

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