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4X4VolPro 06-28-2012 08:00 AM

Sumo RC Truck
I want to buy another Sumo RC Truck but how do I go about that making sure the Crystals are different so we can race together?

NewRageRC 06-28-2012 09:36 AM

RE: Sumo RC Truck
The new Sumos are 2.4ghz. No need to worry about crystals. Just make sure whoever you buy from doesn't send you old AM trucks.

Dads like rc too 06-28-2012 01:44 PM

RE: Sumo RC Truck
Also if you a find a dealer selling the am kit, call them first and ask them which frequency the sumo is. It's printed on the box. If you wind up with the same as you already have, a crystal set is about $12 to change it out. Worth the phone call in advance. But like NewRage said the new ones are all shipping with 2.4 radio's, however I believe they will retail for $10 more. Normally I would always advise to go with the better radio, but if you can get the old one at a $10 dollar discount you might consider it. It's not like your going to be driving that little car 3 blocks away.

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