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FarBeyondDriven 07-21-2012 10:22 AM

je$us....now main spur gear gone - Caldera 10E
Well, finally got my new lipos in the mail. Charged them up and got a total of 2 min approx run time. Flying along on pavement, then i hit the brake to stop....now clickety clack. Took body off and see many teeth gone from the spur gear. ARGH.

anyways, i see replacements are 4 bucks etc, but what about metal or steel gears. I dont want this thing breaking every time I use it so rather pay a bit more up front for longevity.

Anyone know which is a good aftermarket gear? Anything to look out for?(not sure how many teeth to get etc).

Ps - wow, thing really did move fast for the 2 min Ihad it running. Batteries Im using are Nano-Techs 2S, 5000mah, 35c :)

I might have to disable the brake if this is what will keep happening....:(

NewRageRC 07-23-2012 06:16 AM

RE: je$us....now main spur gear gone - Caldera 10E
Not sure what any good aftermarket spurs are. I thought the Caldera had a steel spur gear? You can adjust the brake force with a programmer card. I'd get one and try setting it to 25%.

FarBeyondDriven 07-23-2012 06:39 AM

RE: je$us....now main spur gear gone - Caldera 10E
thanks brother, Im starting my research now. What thinking about adjusting the brake force too. Will report back.

NewRageRC 07-23-2012 12:49 PM

RE: je$us....now main spur gear gone - Caldera 10E
FWIW on my dual 2S Backdraft I haven't had any trouble with the spur, which should be the same part. I've gone through pinions like crazy though, both spur and brass. I've eaten up one spur which was probably because of the bad pinions. The Tacon motor I'm using has a larger diameter can and I can't get a good mesh with it. Might want to check and make sure you ARE getting a good mesh when you put the new spur gear in.

nitrosportsandrunner 07-24-2012 03:19 PM

RE: je$us....now main spur gear gone - Caldera 10E
buy the ezrun program card...it will save alot of hassle!

You can adjust the punch control. This will soften the punch of the motor when you pull the trigger (ramp up the power)

You can also adjust the max braking force, as well as the initial breaking force.

Between those settings, you can really lesson the strain on the spur gear/diffs.

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