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donhoejr 07-22-2012 06:12 AM

redcat hurricane xte wtf problems

Someone please help me, Im about to gut this thing and buy a roller. I bought this buggy used , it was amonth old. The last owner replaced the servo and nothing more. I get it home and take it for a spin and out of nowhere the front dog bone bends. *** I call redcat and they tell me it sounds like something is binding and they send out a new set of dogbones. cool. While waiting for these to get here I ran out to my lhs and bought a new set myself think then I have a extra set . I took the front end aart and there was a ton of binding. So I drilled out the holes in the a-arms by .003 and this seemed to give it just the right amount. I put it back together with the new front axle and took it for a spin at our local track. 5 laps in it happened again. IDK. it was on flat ground and went over a small bump used to drain water off the track. Not the 20ft table top or the doubles but a little bump to drain water that I drove over tons of times. We packed up and went home. back at the shop I took it apart again to find nothing wrond that I could see except a little slop in the front bearnings. Could this bearning be the whole problem? Its not that bad. Ive ran our full race slashs with way worse bearnings with no problems at all. I would of thought the universes would take care of any bearning wiggle. Im am at a loss right now. If anyone has any thoughts about this please help......</p>

nitrosportsandrunner 07-26-2012 04:44 PM

RE: redcat hurricane xte wtf problems
if you can, post pics of the damaged shafts.

Its is the shaft thats bending, and not the CVD part coming apart right?

donhoejr 07-27-2012 04:03 PM

RE: redcat hurricane xte **** problems
it was the front axle or dogbone depending on how you want to say it. Right in the middle. After replacing the front bearning and putting on new hubs it seems to be ok. Today broke a servo horn. went to lhs and bought a aluminum ofna piece and made it fit. still wanting for the new redcat axles to get here. I straightin the bent ones and they are holding for now. Not sure if Im going to buy a mongoose now or go with the ofna lx-2. Not have a very good time fixing the hurricane all the time. For a 1\8 scale you would think it would be tougher. I not want the same problems all over again with the truggy. I going to the eastcoast Mugen  challenge on august 18-19 . That will be the true test of the hurricane. 1. if it holds together 2. See how I can do against the mugens, losi, ass., and ofnas. If I win the raffle for the mugen eco I wouldnt have these problems anymore.lol

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