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tims880 09-11-2012 02:28 PM

I posted in the 1/8 buggy section first...dd not see this one....
I have a hurricane ....whew what a nightmare.....
I cannot get the carb to come out of the engine body. It does not even turn.....side to side....
I have removed the clamp screw......very very tight fit...
So am I missing something????
This my first intro into nitro....been flying planes for years....electric....
I suffer from low compression, air leak around carb...and maybe bought a pos....

rchobbyunlimited 09-11-2012 09:23 PM

RE: Carb
No you have not missed anything as far as removing the carb its just the clamp screw on the side holding it in. Did you try to spray a lil wd-40 on the carb base and try turning slowly to loosen up the carb? Also will the engine run? You want want to try to remove it after it has raned a little and the heat should make it easier to turn the carb or try heating the carb with a hair dryer for a while and see if this will loosen it up for the carb to turn. Hope you get it worked out there should be nothing else left to hold the carb if you have removed the screw on the side of the car.

tims880 09-16-2012 03:05 AM

RE: Carb
Got it finally....
Next question ,factory needle settings?
I have read 2 1/2 on both...from redcat website to 4 3/4 hsn and 3 1/2 lsn.
I ordered a new piston and sleeve and I would like to have a good starting point.


tims880 09-19-2012 12:35 PM

RE: Carb
Yup I can see that this is hot section to be in........
I guess I made a 300 buck mistake , buying a redcat.......
Ordered a new piston and sleeve and rod ,received no wrist pin or C clip ...those are extra........ would have been nice if they would have stated that....
Hey moron if you buying a sleeve and piston from us......you might want to buy a wrist pin and clip also[&:]
The chances of re-using the C clip are slim to none.
I wanted to replace the head shim also......try to buy one those from redcat......not happening.....
Email them and ask for help......thats not happening either.....no reply!
Not a happy redcat owner[:'(]
Looking at other motors, you buy the piston kit. Which includes a a sleeve, and a piston on the rod......
They cost a tad more, but what I have paid in shipping would have more than made up for it.
I guess its my bad[:@] for not doing more research before I made my purchase.

tims880 09-23-2012 04:59 PM

RE: Carb
Well I am going to keep this going......
I received my parts, installed new sleeve,piston, rod,wrist pin and clip.
I oiled everything up, pretty good, with after run oil.
Set the lsn and hsn to 4 turns out.
Fired right up!
This time I followed the heat cycle break in procedure,instead of the crap on the redcat website.
So far 10 tanks.....starts great...and plenty of compression.
I paid for the replacement parts.
Still say I got a bad one........
No help from redcat>>>>
I would like to say that RUFASTER are the bomb......these guys are great and shipping is really Fast!
And they respond to your emails!
As far as redcat support.....

Dads like rc too 09-23-2012 05:36 PM

RE: Carb
Just keep it reasonable with the needles and you should have no problem. I have a Monsoon XTR with the .28 SH motor. These SH motors are very durable. I run mine on the hot side, in the 260 to 275 degree range and it still has killer compression. I had a Tornado with the .18 SH small block and that motor ran awesome, it never gave me a hint of trouble and was notorious for starting on the first pull.

tims880 09-30-2012 04:51 PM

RE: Carb
The rebuilt SH is running pretty good.....starts in a instant!
So I am a happy camper...will it last...Paranoid!
Took apart the the rear differential today....no lube at all.....dry????
Ok I admit I am a noob to this...but...I dont think its a supposed to to be dry.
There is no seal on the differential,its open at the bottom .....
I used some Mobli 1 synthetic grease and used some permatex to make a seal.
Will do the the front and middle next....
Oh and back to the head gasket...bought one for a Dynamite .28
No help from the RedCat guy on that one.....
If you are going to sell RC and create a forum for your product, think maybe you should visit it .......

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